JordiLight’s CES2022 Unveiling is a Wrap!

Before the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022 in Las Vegas took place, there was a lot of hype about the innovative products that would make their presentations. One, in particular, JordiLight, garnered a lot of early attention as recognized by Oakland News Now and Drop the Spotlight prior to its unveiling.

In their post, features of JordiLight were highlighted including what elevates and distinguishes JordiLight from previous one-dimensional flashlights. These features include (but are certainly not limited to):

  • JordiLight is flexible. It can be hand-held, like a traditional flashlight, worn around your head, or attached to clothing, backpacks, and more.
  • It is waterproof and can handle a depth of 50 meters.
  • It is smartphone-friendly. It connects to an app on both Android and iOS devices and lets the user control their light through the use of the app. (A bonus when your JordiLight is secure on your body, and you want to avoid removing it to adjust its settings.)
  • It has an emergency response. If the JordiLight user falls, the flashlight detects this and can go into emergency mode. It will automatically send a help signal via the app to a pre-saved contact on their phone.
  • Lastly, Oakland News Now describes this as life-saving technological development, created not just for adventurers but as a paramount tool for professionals who work in dangerous situations, such as police, military, construction workers, scuba divers, and more.

Pictured above is the JordiLight team before they revealed their adventure utility flashlight at Eureka Park Booth #61333 to 45,000 in-person attendees.

JordiLight Draws Interest

Not surprisingly, they had a lot of interest. Their booth was flooded with curious attendees who wanted to try the product for themselves. Curiosity soon turned into a love for JordiLight as attendees quickly saw its value, quality, and capabilities through its on-site presentation.

Attendees try on JordiLight.

The above photo captures the intensity of JordiLight’s 19 LED lights.

But pictures alone cannot truly capture JordiLight’s many features. Instead, why not check out the presentation in the video below that we gave to the many interested attendees of the CES 2022.

Interest in JordiLight went beyond inquisitive attendees; we received intrigue from distributors and wholesalers from the US to Japan, and everywhere in between.

Praise and Acclaim for JordiLight

Traveling Well for Less named JordiLight in their list of the best travel gear from the CES 2022.  They describe it as a flexible waterproof light with a built-in e-compass. It allows for multiple functions that include wearing it as a bike light or using it as a traditional flashlight.

 Pictured above is a comment from an interested party who visited the Traveling Well for Less site to see the latest travel devices from the CES 2022. named JordiLight the number 1 coolest gadget at the CES 2022.  A magnetic, futuristic utility flashlight, made for everyone, “be it a bike rider, hiker, hunter, the list goes on.” They tested it and were impressed with its super bright LED lights and its touch-capacitive capabilities.

Even more impressive was their editor’s rating that gave JordiLight an overall rating of 4.8/5. This rating was based on its coolness, 5/5, usefulness 4.8/5, and its price 4.6/5. They also gave the following quote.

Trent TrendSpotter created a post highlighting JordiLight as a new safety product that is not only a high-functioning flashlight but is also “a lot of fun.” “@JordiLight is a digitally controllable, waterproof, wearable smart flashlight, that makes shedding light easier, safer, more fun and functional, indoor or outdoor, for work or play.”

And lastly, the Recommended Gadgets YouTube channel has JordiLight introduced as one of their recommended gadgets.  See this video to find out more.

Presenter Adriel shows off JordiLight’s brightness and flexibility.

 Presenter Shirley demonstrates JordiLight’s touch-capacitive response to an interested attendee

JordiLight Plans for a Bright Future

JordiLight considers their visit to the CES 2022 a great success. They were able to highlight their product and how its versatility fits well within the current market requirements of the 21st century. We fully expect JordiLight to be the go-to tool to serve all your lighting needs.

Whether you are working on some DIY in your house, work in a dangerous job sector that requires you to have a versatile flashlight at the ready, or you are preparing for your next adventure, JordiLight is there to go with you, to bring light into any dark place.

Prepare to see our adventure utility flashlight at more trade shows in the future and to be demonstrated on different media platforms. Interested parties will be pleased to hear that JordiLight is soon to be available on our crowdfunding launch and will sell for a retail price of $99. Signup now at to get all the latest updates and a 40% discount code when we launch.

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